Corporate Social Responsibility

Eldee Expo Experts is convinced that a company only has a right to exist if it truly wants to contribute to society. We consider it important to take People, Planet and Profit into account.

To us, as a global service provider in the exhibition stand construction sector, this means that we do business as efficiently as possible while respecting man and environment. In practice, this means that we closely monitor our energy consumption and sort our waste. It also means that we consider the wellbeing of our employees, ensure a safe working environment, and carefully contemplate the way in which we invest (our profits) and the charities we sponsor.

In stand construction, wooden stands are the norm, because in general, these allow a more creative design. However, we do our utmost to make our stands more sustainable by employing the components for other projects. When wood is used, almost everything can be leased, which reduces the number of new components that must be built. We also increasingly use LED lights. Moreover, we offer an extremely environmentally friendly solution in the form of a modular exhibition stand. This type of stand can be used for years in various locations and in various arrangements.

We aim to become increasingly more sustainable in both the products and the services we offer. This means that we constantly review the materials and suppliers we employ.

Eldee Expo Experts

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