Budget An exhibition must be profitable, so no exorbitant costs. We cleverly and efficiently create a stand that suits you and your wallet.

Our working method

In six steps, Eldee guides you to successfully participating in an exhibition.

Working Method

Exhibition stand matching your budget

An exhibition. You don’t want to miss it. Neither does the competition, or even better: they don’t do it yet. But it is not cheap, that’s clear. The location, the personnel and having to ensure that you stand out amongst all of the intensive marketing. Is your spirit sinking? No problem. Eldee has found a way to make an exhibition affordable for every wallet. And with effect.

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See and be seen

In a certain way, an exhibition showcases your products or services. It is the playground of your target group. They come to visit you, not the other way round. You only need to open the doors and tempt them with something tasty, attractive or astonishing. Easier said than done. True. But that’s why we are here. We build not only a stand that perfectly aligns with your objectives, we also provide you with ingenious support to ensure that no one will miss your stand, however modest.

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How we work

You visit our Red Room and explain what you want to achieve. Without holding back. We see what is feasible. We will probably make some suggestions and start to cut, paste, model and paint … on the screen that is.

  1. A 60-minute kick-off in the Red Room

    You explain, we ask and listen

  2. Creation of a draft 3D design

    We draw and colour

  3. Presentation of the draft 3D design

    You see what we have dreamed up

  4. We process your feedback

    Revisions are made

  5. Delivery of final design

    All of your wishes clearly incorporated

  6. We build the stand

    You do ab-so-lute-ly nothing

Then things go rapidly …

A week later we will present you with a 3D design that we know will fit your budget and that we think will surprise the exhibition visitors. That’s a nice introduction. You indicate what you do and do not want, and we will start to build your stand. With an intensity that ensures that you will have a stand well in time that nobody can miss, or better: that nobody wants to miss.


Always with a twist that surprises everyone

Dedicated contact person

Who relishes being phoned


From fine tuning your objective to the freebies in the goody bag


Minimum space, maximum reach. Yes, that’s possible. Eldee has built an incredible number of stands that have achieved just that. Would you like to see how we make optimal use of modestly sized exhibition locations, then look here.



An overview of the exhibitions where Eldee provides a stand.


A modest size, a great success? Check

Contact us for an illuminating discussion about the opportunities there are within your budget.

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