CSR in Stand Construction

Building a
greener future

At Eldee, we place great importance on sustainability and strive for a greener future. We believe that sustainability and stand construction can go hand in hand, and that's why we are committed to environmentally friendly solutions within our industry. In doing so, we consider the impact our company has on people, the environment, and society.

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  • CSR policy

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Go sustainable!

How green is booth construction?

Don't be mistaken: sustainability is not a limitation!

It actually inspires us to work with materials that may not be the most obvious choice. Take bamboo, for instance, which can be harvested in as little as 3 to 5 years, while other wood types may take up to 120 years to recover after logging. European wood reduces environmental impact due to shorter transportation distances.

In booth construction, there is a high demand for wooden booths because of the endless creative possibilities. However, Eldee also makes sustainable choices in this area to reduce environmental effects.

  • Recycled furniture
  • Sustainably sourced wood (FSC) / Bamboo
  • LED lighting
  • AV rental and reusability
  • Textile graphics made from recycled PET bottles
  • Carpet produced from old fishing nets

Not to forget: With wooden construction, almost everything is available for rent, reducing the need for new production. That's true sustainability!

Go sustainable!

Sustainable at the exhibition?

Modulaire booth construction

Sustainable booths are not a thing of the future. On the contrary, there is a growing demand for sustainability, which is why we offer circular booths.
This concept stems from a new way of thinking. Circular practices envision a world without waste. In a circular economy, we ensure that raw materials, components, and products retain their value. Take a look at our Modular Booths, whether made of Aluminum or Wood. These booths are reusable time and time again, potentially customized with changing graphics for each trade show. You can reuse your own booth multiple times. How Sustainable!