Our expo exhibition approach

You're searching for something that's nowhere to be found. You're not settling for the ordinary. You're seeking the needle in the haystack. That one design that perfectly exudes your DNA. Rest assured: that design exists; it just needs to be conceived, crafted, and built. That's what Eldee does. For you, and preferably with you. Don't worry: we handle the construction, but we do need your input.

60-minute kickoff

You talk, we inquire and listen. During the briefing, your objectives and wishes are thoroughly discussed. A blend of practical, budgetary, and graphic considerations come
together to form the final briefing.

3D Design creation

Our team of designers translates your briefing into a detailed booth design that aligns perfectly with your brand. We ensure a creative and distinctive appearance, making your booth stand out and maximizing brand representation.

3D Design and quote presentation

You get to see what we've designed in a live or digital meeting. You'll receive various elaborated impressions of the design. We provide you with a detailed quote, making decision-making easy.

Incorporating Feedback

If changes are needed, we promptly implement them. A standout feature above the booth, a different layout, or alternative furnishings? We're here to brainstorm with you. 

Final Design

After you've given us the green light, we create the technical blueprints and the signage/lettering layout that you'll receive for approval. We handle approvals, logistical arrangements, and further preparations.

We build

Our experienced craftsmen handle the production and construction of your booth. In our workshop, booth preparations take place, with materials carefully selected and processed through cutting, milling, carpentry, and painting.

A beautiful end result

We always provide full service, so you don't need to worry before, during, or after the trade

This is how we do it!