Custom made stand construction

Brand experience to a higher level. We take care of it.

Discover our unique design exhibition stands and custom solutions that enhance your
brand experience. With our well thought-out stand design and total exhibition concept, we
help you achieve your exhibition objectives. Make your brand stand out and create an
unforgettable experience with our design stand construction expertise.

Custom made stand construction

You want to stand head and shoulders above the rest, figuratively speaking, because believe us: 'size doesn't matter'. It can help, but it doesn't have to. It's precisely these considerations that make Eldee's role so incredibly crucial. Before we jump behind the drawing board and unleash all shapes, colors, and sounds, we first contemplate what we want to achieve. That's the absolute foundation for your tailor-made booth. Every detail should contribute to that precisely intended vibe. From the canopies to the type of coffee beans. From color combinations to the goodie bag. When everything truly aligns, everyone comes knocking.

Expo success means meeting customers for life.

Custom made stand

An Eldee stand is a carefully crafted expression of a message, consciously or subconsciously taken home as a souvenir. We understand how crucial it is for trade show visitors to instantly recognize your company. That's why we ensure that each booth is one of a kind.

Our tailor-made stands are specifically designed to represent your company, with the perfect blend of design and functionality. We go beyond stand construction. We're advisors, sounding boards, designers, and strategic partners. But above all, we're experts in creating durable, robust, functional, and secure stands that are truly unique.

Your brand in the spotlight with bespoke expo design

Expert in custom made stand construction for more than 45 years

Eldee guides you to a successful trade show participation in 6 steps.

Once we understand your objectives, we can begin designing and fine-tuning. Subsequently, we swiftly present a 3D design that is likely to leave you amazed. With no time to catch your breath, right after your green light, we construct the booth and handle all communication with the trade show. The result: an explosive trade show success with a booth that pays for itself many times over.