Exhibition: Intertraffic Amsterdam


We have worked with great pleasure on the booth design for Mobilisis, with special attention to showcasing their latest product, the Radar Parking Sensor (RPS). Considering the product's small size, the challenge was to ensure that the focus would still be on it.



Surface Area

54 sqm



Putting the product in the spotlight

To make the product stand out, we created a display that perfectly aligns with Mobilisis' corporate identity. Above the display, we placed a matching eye-catching element, drawing visitors' attention directly to the product. This combination of elements ensures that the product is presented in a recognizable and eye-catching manner.

In addition to presenting the new product, screens have been set up to showcase Mobilisis' various products and services. The use of screens provides the opportunity to present a wide range of information and give visitors a clear overview of what Mobilisis has to offer. To create a comfortable and inviting environment, we have provided comfortable seating areas where visitors can engage in conversations with Mobilisis representatives.

By incorporating striking visual elements, a recognizable corporate identity, and comfortable seating, we ensure that the booth captures attention and leaves a positive impression on visitors.

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