Exhibition: VIV Europe

Meyn Food Processing Technology

We are proud to present this impressive booth spanning an impressive 323 sqm, which we had the privilege of creating for Meyn Food Processing Technology. The theme of the booth was "smartifying poultry processing," and we ensured that this theme was seamlessly integrated into the booth design.



Surface Area

323 sqm



360 degrees

One of the highlights of the booth was Meyn's 360-degree portal. We chose to incorporate the 360-degree concept into the design. A hanging eyecatcher with an impressive 9-meter diameter made Meyn visible from afar. Inside this eyecatcher was a beautiful circular LED circle that created a visual spectacle.

The booth offered a range of functionalities and spaces. Beneath the hanging eyecatcher was a round reception desk that warmly welcomed visitors. Additionally, there was a spacious hospitality area where visitors could relax and network.

Scattered throughout the booth were various product presentations, and we ensured that the floor panels were reinforced to support the weight of the machinery. Furthermore, two meeting rooms were available. One large meeting room featured a glass wall, providing an open atmosphere in a closed space. Additionally, a smaller meeting space offered more privacy for discussions.

To meet practical needs, there was also a secure storage area available for storing materials and served as a cloakroom.

The booth design was fully aligned with Meyn's corporate identity, featuring a large, carvedout logo to enhance recognition. The booth exuded professionalism and quality, providing an inviting and visually appealing environment for visitors.

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