Modular exhibition stand

Modular exhibition stand

Need your booth to shine at four trade fairs in a year? No problem. Build it up, make it stand
out, tear it down, transport it, and set it up again. Need some different printed materials in
between? Or varying dimensions? Not an issue. Eldee goes beyond straightforward
construction. We advise and manage, ensuring that your booth and its success are united.

Your brand in the spotlight with Modular exhibition stand

Aluminium frames

Durable and versatile? Check

Discover our modular booth solutions that prioritize sustainability and reusability. With a plug and-play system, we provide the option to either set up the booth yourself or have Eldee take care of it. We work with high-quality materials, including the renowned Aluvision system. Our booths are of excellent quality and can sometimes be assembled without tools. Whether it's a changing location or dimension, our modular booths can be used repeatedly, offering a costeffective and flexible solution.

Capture attention anytime, anywhere

Eldee pushes modular boundaries

Unique elements for your booth? Check

Explore the versatility of our modular wooden booths. With us, you're not always confined to strict frameworks. We also offer custom reusable components, allowing you to use them at multiple trade fairs. We provide storage in our XXL warehouse. With our creative elements and the ability to craft everything using our CNC milling machine, design possibilities are endless. Make your brand stand out with unique and flexible booth solutions!