Trade Shows: Modulaire stand VSK, Installatie Vakbeurs, Energie Vakbeurs


For Celsis, the wholesaler for installers in refrigeration and climate technology, we have developed a modular trade show booth. This booth can be used at various trade shows and is easily adaptable to changing dimensions.


Utrecht / ‘s-Hertogenbosch / Hardenberg

Surface Area

21 - 48 sqm


2022 - 2023

Flexible and Sustainable

For this modular trade show booth, we have utilized the innovative Omni-55 system by Aluvision. This system provides the flexibility and durability needed for quick setup and breakdown and for adapting the booth to different trade show locations and dimensions. It enables Celsis to efficiently utilize their trade show budget while maintaining a consistent brand image.

The booth design has been carefully aligned with Celsis' corporate identity, ensuring that the booth is immediately recognizable as an extension of the brand. An eye-catching element is the round shape of the Celsis degrees symbol, which has been incorporated into print materials and focal points within the booth. Whether it's the arch structure that captures attention or the hanging circle sign, each time, the design delivers a fresh presentation.

In addition to creating an impactful appearance, we have also considered functionality. The booth provides ample space to showcase demo models of Celsis' products, such as a heat pump or air conditioner. We have also incorporated subtle curves into the custom-made furniture, creating a harmonious whole and an inviting atmosphere.

Storage by Eldee

In our XXL warehouse, we handle the storage of Celsis' booth components. This allows us to quickly retrieve everything for each trade show and, if necessary, refresh it. This keeps the entire process efficient and ensures that Celsis is always ready to present themselves at the next trade show.

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