Trade Show: Zorg & ICT 2023

Axians NL & Verkerk Service Systemen

Axians NL & Verkerk Service Systemen approached us with a request to create a striking trade show booth for the annual Zorg & ICT trade show. These two organizations, each with their own unique identity, share booth space at the trade show.



Surface Area

80 sqm



Joining forces

The foundation of our design lay in seamlessly integrating the distinct corporate styles and branding of both companies. The subtle interplay between the powerful blue color of Axians and the vibrant red of Verkerk creates a visual harmony that captures and holds attention.

Capturing attention

An oval hanging eyecatcher grabs attention from afar. The wooden lattice frame and semitransparent full-color fabric contribute to the sophisticated appearance. The presence of two impressive LED walls reinforces the modern and technological character of the booth.

Warmth in details

The laminate floor, complemented by round carpets, creates a warm ambiance.

In the center of the booth is the shared circular bar, beautifully crafted from wood and enhanced with green accents. The bar area exudes an inviting atmosphere and serves as a meeting place.

Expertise allocation

The booth is thoughtfully arranged to give both companies their own space. Interactive demo units at Axians, equipped with headphones for engaging games, and at Verkerk, where visitors can listen to sound clips. The Verkerk area even includes a healthcare room model to demonstrate their systems, providing visitors with a unique experience.

Our passion for creativity and design has resulted in a trade show booth that not only reflects the identity of two outstanding companies but also provides a meeting point for healthcare and ICT professionals seeking innovation and collaboration.

Be inspired!

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