Interior ‘I want my store to be just as attractive as this stand.’ No problem. Eldee has a wide portfolio of interiors for shops, offices, bars and restaurants, hotels and even homes.

Our working method

In six steps, Eldee guides you to successfully participating in an exhibition.

Working method

Letting a stand builder build your interior, it happens increasingly often. It’s just less expensive than, for instance, a renovation or stripping everything out for a make-over. Just think about how much time that will take. Think about how endlessly creative you can be by introducing all sorts of playful or characteristic components into your space. In a certain way, we introduce the elements of a stand into your shop, office or restaurant.

Creative 0
Sustainable 0
Craftsmanship 0

Sometimes, a new coat is sufficient

If you renew everything starting from scratch it costs a lot of money and takes a lot of time. Admittedly, it will undoubtedly be fantastic. But will it last? Nothing is timeless, but with an Eldee interior you keep up with the times. You can modernise in an instant.

54987 Exhibitions in the world to 2020
141000 Visitors per exhibition (average)

How we work

First we like to come to see the space. Of course, we need the specifications, but the most important thing is to hear what you want to do with the space. What must it radiate and what do you want to achieve.

  1. A 60-minute kick-off in the Red Room

    You explain, we ask and listen

  2. Creation of a draft 3D design

    We draw and colour

  3. Presentation of the draft 3D design

    You see what we have dreamed up

  4. We process your feedback

    Revisions are made

  5. Delivery of final design

    All of your wishes clearly incorporated

  6. We build the stand

    You do ab-so-lute-ly nothing

From a rough sketch to a complete narrative

Once we have asked you everything we can think of, we retreat with a flip-over, drawing paper, a box of felt tip pens and a large can of coffee. We will think about how we can give the space the desired character, of course within the framework of the agreed budget. After a few hours, we will have reached a conclusion and we can work out everything down to the smallest details in the computer. What follows: a 3D design in which you most probably will not recognise the space, but you will feel completely at home. Then it’s up to you. Go for it. Check?

Affordable, complete make-over

Without permits, contractors or architects

Dedicated contact person

Who relishes being phoned

Full service

From fine tuning your objective to the freebies in the goody bag


A stylized stand represents your organisation at a glance. Eldee regularly gives offices, restaurants and shops a new look. See what we can do for you here.


Exhibition calendar

An overview of the exhibitions where Eldee provides a stand.


Inside better than outside? Check

We make it attractive. Also in existing spaces. Wondering what we can do for you?

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