Trade Show: Update Event       


"As the wind of change blows, some people build walls, and others build windmills," according to an ancient Chinese proverb. And the latter is what we're going to do during the Update Event 2023. Breaking down walls and taking steps together towards a smart, safe, and sustainable future. One that is carbon-neutral, with electricity as the primary source of energy. Because that future doesn't begin tomorrow, but now!


AFAS Theater Leusden

Surface Area

100 sqm



Super smart walls for ABB

A high-end inspiration route? Bring it on! The ABB Update Event. Engaging speakers, knowledge sessions, and… if we may say so… a truly beautiful inspiration route with custom event decor.

Along the inspiration route, Eldee provided the production and installation of the information and product units, which are real mood enhancers and executed in the well-known ABB corporate style. The Demo-Pods are surrounded by the latest ABB innovations, ready to allow visitors to try and experience them.

Be inspired!

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