Exhibition: Hypovak

Syntrus Achmea

Physical networking and knowledge-sharing with many industry peers at the mortgage event in the Midden Nederland Hallen in Barneveld.


Midden Nederland Hallen

Surface Area

30 sqm



Top-notch customization

Take a walk in the park. Listen to the birds sing. Meet, experience, and taste (literally). Centraal Beheer Adviseurs, Syntrus Achmea Hypotheken, Woonfonds, and Attens Hypotheken presented at the Hypovak trade show, the 2021 mortgage event, on a bespoke design stand.

Sustainable booth concept

This special booth has been successfully used at various editions of Hypovak, SEH congress, and FFP congress. After each trade show, the booth is carefully stored and, with minor adjustments, made ready to shine at the next events. This sustainable reuse not only results in cost savings but also has a positive impact on the environment.

Be inspired!

Other projects

Syntess en Stabiplan – Utrecht – various standbuildings

The joint booth of Syntess and Stabiplan immediately stands out due to its impressive size and ultra-sleek design.

O.R.S. Lek en Linge – Culemborg – 2022

We were approached by the high school O.R.S. Lek en Linge in Culemborg to collaborate on the development of a technical practical classroom at their VMBO location. The mission: to inspire all primary school children and teachers for technology.

Joie en Nuna – Cologne – 2019

Every year, Joie and NUNA exhibit at the Kind + Jugend (K + J) show in Cologne, Germany. It is the internationally leading trade fair for premium baby and toddler products.