A creative twist to your interior

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Is your interior in need of a significant boost, or are you just ready for something new? Then we have a great tip for you! Engage a full-service booth builder. With a hat full of clever disciplines, a fresh perspective, and a hefty dose of creativity, we breathe new life into your office, hospitality venue, or home. It’s a bit less renovation, a bit more makeover.

Realistic preview

There’s nothing better than knowing what to expect. That’s exactly how we feel at Eldee. That’s why, before an interior project, we create a realistic 3D visual. Exclusive alert: this gives you the chance to admire the realization of your interior in true size. Eldee is flexible and switches gears swiftly. This makes us super-fast in design, construction, and installation.

Attention grabber

Displays give you the opportunity to present products in an original way within your interior. This can be done on a screen or with a physical display. Do you have a long wish list? You name it, we do it. Single and mass production, everything is possible. From round or straight to an engraved logo or text. Already have a color in mind? Nothing is too extravagant. That’s what makes it truly amazing!

A warm welcome

The choices are vast, especially when it comes to our reception desks. Are you going for an organic look with curves or something sleek and industrial? Eldee ensures that the target audience feels right at home as soon as they enter. Because, after all, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

A showstopper

In a showroom, all disciplines come together, and custom-made components create a complete interior setup. Attention to detail is crucial here. It works out well because, with our booth building background, we’re used to paying attention to every detail, even when a space needs a quick transformation with grand gestures.

Work in progress

Eldee has various ideas for your office or workspace as well. Glass walls, partition walls, or panel walls are the ideal way to properly organize your space. This way, you create privacy, reduce noise, and have additional presentation walls.

What a sight

A special photo or a self-designed pattern that should definitely be part of your interior project. Whether it’s furniture or acoustic panels, Eldee makes it possible. From XL wallpaper to custom-made carpets, the possibilities are endless. For both trade shows and projects! We print every design photo-realistic on carpet or wallpaper fabrics.

‘Free-sly’ handy

You can’t imagine it. From a table in the shape of a snake to… you name it. We do everything we can to fulfill this wish. Fortunately, our milling machine helps us in the right direction. This way, we can design wooden furniture exactly as you wish. Everything is possible on a computer, of course, but how great when it’s also realized in practice, double and triple.

Curious how we translate your specific wishes into a stand design? Make an appointment.

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