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You submit a request to Eldee, great! But what happens with that request? Who does your question go to? And who will be working on your interior or booth? We’ve created an overview of the process, our departments, and (some of) our employees.

These expo experts work on your project.

Your request made clear

When you submit a request – whether by phone, email, or through the website – chances are you’ll be talking to or contacted by Management Assistant Christie. Christie answers all your questions and assesses your requirements. An interior project? What type of interior design are you looking for? Is it a renovation/revitalization project or a completely new construction project? Are you thinking of a combination of custom and existing components? A booth project? Which trade show are you participating in? What booth location have you booked? What type of booth are you interested in: modular, purchase and reusable, or a design booth for rent? What are the important factors for you? And what kind of atmosphere are you seeking?

Coordination with the project manager

Christie then connects you with one of our project managers, like Kevin. Kevin knows the ins and outs and guides your project down to the finest details. In a personal meeting, he asks questions you didn’t even know you had. And in return, he answers all your questions about your trade show participation.

The design!

Kevin then briefs one of the designers. For instance, Robert, who has been with Eldee for 10 years. During his design work, he keeps a close eye on the budget. All the details are discussed, and Robert checks the trade show guidelines before starting. You don’t need to lose sleep over things like safety and approval. That’s what we’re here for! Robert immerses himself in your company, explores the latest trends, and applies his creative skills. In no time, a booth concept appears on his screen, which is perfected in the hours that follow.

Personal presentation

And then the moment arrives, the personal presentation. Exciting! What has the designer come up with for you? The project manager and/or designer come to you with the 3D presentation, and nowadays, you can also opt for an online presentation. While the designer explains all the details, the project manager has the detailed quote ready for you. This way, you know exactly where you stand and can add or subtract as desired. Ideally, the design hits the mark on the first try! But if you’d like certain elements to be different, we’ll make sure everything is adjusted to your liking.

Technical drawing

Once you’re satisfied and give us the green light, the wheels start turning. The design goes to one of our technical draftsmen, like Jan Willem, who dissects and translates the design into a technical layout.


After the technical drawing is completed, the decoration is arranged, and the production of your interior or booth begins. Standard and custom components are prepared and made in the workshop. The working drawings are discussed with the workshop personnel. Then everything is produced, a collaboration between project managers, carpenters, and CNC operators.

A watertight plan

At the same time, the planning kicks off. The project preparers, including Ivo, place all the orders for your project. Ivo handles the right furniture, decorations, and plants, AV, facility provisions, approvals, and, last but not least, transportation and setup schedules.


Our DTP department is also hard at work. You provide your files for signing and decoration to one of the DTP specialists, like Gilbert. He ensures that the dimensions are correct and that all walls, logos, and eye-catchers look top-notch and are delivered on time. Do you have questions about color usage or striking images? Gilbert is happy to brainstorm with you.

Setup and handover

The moment has arrived! The setup begins. Our skilled craftsmen with two right hands build your booth. As the booth takes shape, the project preparer and project manager are nearby as backup. They ensure that everything is executed according to the design and schedule. At the agreed-upon handover time, you, together with the project manager and/or project preparer, inspect everything. If you still want an extra lamp or barstool, it’s taken care of!

Behind the scenes

Great, your interior or booth is all set, and you’re ready for the trade show or to use your new interior! Then it’s good to know that everything has been carefully considered and that besides the project team members you’re familiar with, there are also people behind the scenes who have contributed to the quality. People like Petra, our accountant and quality manager. She is the driving force behind our quality management. Did you know that we’re ISO certified?

Curious how we translate your specific wishes into a stand design? Make an appointment.

Stay informed!

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