A good briefing leaves that up to you!

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Yes! The decision has been made, and the ideas are on the table. But what now? With that one oh-so-important trade show on the horizon, you have the opportunity to captivate your target audience with the perfect booth. But how do you create a good briefing that a booth builder can best translate your wishes with? Our Project Manager lays out the five golden rules.

Number 1: Stand up, time is ticking Last-minute?

It’s possible, but let’s be honest: quality takes time. So start early. We work with an eye for detail, and that requires time. When you start too late, the chances are high that you might overlook something. After all, when you move, you plan it in advance. You don’t (usually) book a vacation a day before, and well, a car… you get the idea! Therefore, let us know well in advance what your ideas are for your booth. It will save you a lot of sleepless nights.

Number 2: How much budget is allocated to your booth?

We like to hit the mark in one go, so please let us know what you want to spend, and we’ll take a step in the right direction right away. We’ll provide the most realistic estimate possible for the cost of your booth. It depends on various factors like high-rise construction, finishing, and design. Because, let’s face it, how great is it when your expectations are exceeded at the first presentation, all within your budget? If you tell us your budget, we can also design precisely to fit. It would be a shame if we overwhelm you with a design, only to find out later that it doubles your budget.

Number 3: The first impressive impression?

You only get one shot at that, so think carefully about your target audience. Who are your potential customers exactly, and how do you want to appeal to them? Perhaps even more importantly: how do you differ from the competition? Share your unique selling points with us. Together, we’ll form a dream team and wow the visitors.

Number 4: Practicality makes perfect

You can’t eat a beautiful booth. It also needs to be practical. Think about the crowds you’re expecting. Are there enough seating options? Will they linger longer? These are things to consider in advance. Don’t forget to include them in your booth briefing. Of course, we’re more than happy to provide advice on this as well. We know some simple but effective tricks to keep the visitors engaged a little longer. Number 5: Sharing is caring Have you ever exhibited at a trade show before? Whether it’s a negative or positive experience, we’re curious. The more input, the more inspiration for the best end result for your booth. What works well? And what needs a rethink? Do you already have ideas about design, atmosphere, or interpretation? Feel free to reach out. With your knowledge about the customer, we’ll ensure that the brand experience during a visit to your booth is top-notch. Are you ready to start drafting a briefing for your booth builder? Or would you prefer some extra assistance? Feel free to contact us or make it easy for yourself and us by downloading the form for writing the perfect briefing. Together, we’ll aim for the best end result.

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