Be there and stand out

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Leaving any doubts aside. You want to attend an exhibition. You want to be a part of it. More importantly: you want to make an impression. Other stand holders can snow you under, can reinforce you or … they can look up to you. How do you ensure that your target group does not quietly pass by your stand?

Eldee Expo Experts does everything to make your booth exceptional where standing out only has two risks:
1: An appalling lack of goody bags;
2: Too few personnel to engage with your visitors.

All kidding aside: how do you ensure that you stand out amongst all of the intensive marketing? In the first place, you can always contact us, so we can give you concrete and customised tips to ensure that your stand not only radiates your DNA, but also has a magnetic effect on the visitors.

Tip 1

An attractive stand attracts. Very simple. It must be clear why you are there and what story you have to tell. Ensure that your message stands out. Loud and clear, or in any case, one of the two.

Tip 2

Be accessible. It is important that the people on the stand have an open attitude. Train them well. Ensure that they do not stand around in a group, that is a discouragement. Ensure that they see your visitors. In the same way as you do, visitors want to stand out, they want to be seen.

Tip 3

An eye catcher always works well. Whether it’s a neon light, a sign or a rotating screen above your stand. At an exhibition, the aim is to stand out and you should do everything you can to achieve that.

Tip 4

Stimulate the senses. The smell of coffee. An interactive presentation. An interesting quiz. A food tasting. A mini-workshop. Let people see, taste, feel, hear and smell. That always gives just a little bit extra. And a little bit extra means that you stand out.

Curious how we translate your specific wishes into a stand design? Make an appointment.

Stay informed!

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