Don’t forget when you’re at a trade show!

by Eldee |

Registered for the trade show. That’s done. But what now? Help! What exactly is involved, and what must absolutely not be forgotten? Eldee Expo Experts neatly summarizes everything for you:

Keep your goals sharp

Generate leads. Introduce a product. (Re)connect with relationships. Whatever your goal is, keep it clear and work towards it. This may mean giving certain visitors more attention than others or being driven to gather as much data as possible.

Be a bit different or do something unique

Turn your booth into a magnet. Movement, scent, sound, lighting effects, a humorous twist… or a cool giveaway. All options to stand out by being different.

Appoint a trade show chief

It’s very comforting to have someone in charge. This person will oversee the booth staff and be available for tough questions and unforeseen circumstances.

Seasoned booth builder

Don’t take risks with booth builders who make promises they can’t keep due to a lack of a solid portfolio. Eldee is here to assist you from A to Z, and when we say assist, we mean fullservice support. No risks involved.

Kick off as a team

Gather the entire team on the eve of the trade show and go over everything together. What’s the plan of action? Don’t leave too much to chance, but remember that spontaneity is a valuable asset.

Handy checklist!

Heading to the trade show soon? Let us brainstorm with you! Below is a complete checklist. See for yourself what applies to your booth.

  • Have you reserved the trade show location?
  • Do you have your goals well defined?
  • Do you have information to distribute? How do you plan to do it? (Brochures, postcards, etc.)
  • Are you planning a giveaway? Prepare it thoroughly.
  • Do you have a clear briefing for the booth staff?
  • Are you giving a presentation or workshop? Is everything prepared?
  • Have you thought about a trigger? (Sound, visuals, etc.)
  • Have you purchased clothing or recognizable badges or caps?
  • How will you generate leads, through tablets, on paper, or otherwise?
  • Are you using social media? What do you want to achieve?

All checkboxes marked? Or would you prefer some extra assistance? We’re happy to help you with all the aspects of a successful trade show preparation. Together, we aim for the best end result.

Curious how we translate your specific wishes into a stand design? Make an appointment.

Stay informed!

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