Where to find the hottest spot at your trade show?

by Eldee |

The absolute, most critical tip we can offer when participating in a trade show: choose the hotspot! But how on earth do you find it? We’d be happy to provide you with a few pointers that can often make the difference between attracting a trickle of visitors and creating a lively atmosphere.

7 tips to make your booth a crowd-puller.


Keep a close eye on the trade show schedule. Quite simply, the earlier you register for a trade show, the wider the range of available spots.

Handy: Consider that one spot may be suitable for a round booth, another for a straight one, and yet another for a corner booth. Eldee is happy to assist you in making the right choice.

Foot Traffic

Study the foot traffic at the trade show as if you were cramming for your final exams. If all roads lead to Rome, make darn sure you’re an indispensable part of the route to the Colosseum.

Smart: Get your hands on the trade show floor plan as soon as possible.

Food Aromas

Don’t mind working in the aroma of sausages or fries? Then being near a catering spot can be an excellent location. It’s bustling, and people always linger.

Fun: Distribute napkins with your logo. It’s another point of contact, and with a clever hook, you can bring a smile to the visitor’s face.

Nice: Offer a complimentary drink with the food. How about offering a cup of coffee or a bottle of spring water?


Find out where your competitors are located. While it’s always best to rely on your strengths, it can help to respond to their offerings and come across as more surprising.

Tip: You know what your competitors promise and give away. Ask Eldee how you can outshine them.


Trade shows often feature presentations and workshops. These can also be ideal neighbors. Think about all those people who gather right in front of your booth fifteen minutes before the start.

Tip: Make sure you know the content of the presentation, attend the first one if possible so you have a handy hook to start a conversation.


Many trade shows have additional attractions alongside booths. These are eye-catchers booked by the organizers to add that extra something to the trade show. If your booth is close to such an attraction, you’ll benefit from the crowd.

Tip: Ask the organizers if there are any attractions and, equally important, where they are located.

Breathing Space

Every square meter at a trade show is valuable. We don’t need to tell you that. However, there are always a few booth spaces that have a bit more room, perhaps due to a split in the foot traffic or widened aisles. This reduces noise and focuses more attention on your booth.

Nice: Visitors are often overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle, so turn your booth into a moment of relaxation. Let them take a seat and offer them something to drink.

Curious how we translate your specific wishes into a stand design? Make an appointment.

Stay informed!

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