Trade Show Trends 2023

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While everyone is dotting the i’s for this fall, at Eldee, we’re already looking ahead. Everything is set for the upcoming trade show season. Therefore, our minds are already in 2023. We must once again showcase more of ourselves for you, with the latest gadgets, the best triggers, and super-fresh trends. Because how can you still stand out at a trade show in this day and age?

Crystal ball

All the trade show buzz can potentially drown out your desire for attention. How do you stand out? Quite simply, you stand out by giving the trade show visitor exactly what they want. This should not be confused with what they expect or what they ask for. No, often visitors want something without knowing exactly what it is. The art is to figure that out, preferably well before the start of the trade show. It may sound like crystal ball gazing, but it’s not. At Eldee, we have a team of clever folks for that: they are in constant dialogue with the target audience, prefer to roam trade shows 24/7, and keep a close eye on the visitors. What activates them? What do they pass by without a second thought?

‘Trade show for trade shows’

There are even trade shows designed to spot and experience what’s trending at, yes, trade shows. A very important one is EuroShop in Düsseldorf, an absolute must-attend retail trade show for us, where creative and innovative highlights, as well as in-store communication concepts, can be found. EuroShop is the breeding ground for creative booth designs, modular systems, digitalization (from electronics to big data), visual merchandising, and LED technology light concepts. There are also “trade show for trade show” events in the Netherlands; FESTIVAK is the Dutch trade show for the public events industry. Exhibitors go all out to demonstrate the endless possibilities. You can think of just about anything: scenery, booth construction, lighting, sound, stages, technology, rentals, catering, and the list goes on.

What’s certain?

The recent period has made it abundantly clear that people crave action. Everyone is accustomed to a constant stream of messages and images. People have developed a funnel for themselves: without really thinking about it, hundreds, maybe even thousands of choices are made: ‘what do I need, and what do I not care about.’ Sustainability is also on the rise, and it will spread like wildfire in the coming year. Homeliness is another characteristic that trade show visitors are sensitive to, but coupled with a hefty dose of innovation.

Ayo technology

Our expectation is that technology will play an increasingly prominent role in trade show booths. Of course, this depends on the type of exhibitor and the trade show, but you can see that the need for engagement is exponentially increasing. How do we create that? A very appealing and highly feasible application is virtual reality. Or what about the endless possibilities of mega-sized LED walls? Size does matter, but also, the superlative possibilities matter even more. LED walls that are so synchronized that they seem to engage in a dialogue. Almost a piece of artificial intelligence, really.

Away with the giveaway (but not entirely)

Visitors are less receptive to bags full of leaflets and samples (this doesn’t apply to every trade show!). Social media has become crucial, and you could say that cross-media actions via social platforms have replaced the traditional giveaway. In the business world, goodie bags and keychains are not as important anymore, but at consumer shows, it’s a different story. There, it’s still an effective marketing tool to grab attention and serve as a reminder to think about your company back home or on the go. The message behind the giveaway must be clear and meaningful. It’s not just about a cute gadget with a logo but a story, sometimes with humor, but always with a strong or subtle message. Eldee is happy to brainstorm about this.

Testing, trying, doing

There is more than meets the eye. For some trade shows, this is a dated concept, especially when it comes to scent or audio-related trade shows. However, it’s the companies at trade shows that you wouldn’t immediately associate with smell, touch, or sound that can surprise you the most. What will undoubtedly continue to play a prominent role at trade shows in the coming year is testing, trying, doing… even workshops. There’s increasing interaction at trade shows: companies and organizations want trade show visitors to try their products and services on the spot. How to do that for your company? Leave that to us!

Stylish 2023

It seems that there won’t be much change in terms of style; we’ve embarked on the path of innovation, and we’ll keep going on it for a while. So, don’t be mistaken. When we say there won’t be much change, we’re talking about the unchanging, constant innovation that sometimes seems incomprehensible but is crystal clear to us. The only thing we’re leaving behind a bit (can I hear a sigh of relief?): the touch of hipster that was sprinkled everywhere at every opportunity. That will fade away a bit in 2023. That’s a characteristic of the upcoming year as well. Not doing things differently for the sake of being different, but doing things differently with meaning and purpose. We’ll use more luxury materials, which you’ll see in the industrial style: metal structures or wooden constructions, and especially combination structures. Expect to see a lot of green too: plants for a homely atmosphere. The feeling of coming home will play a very prominent role at trade shows. The formula is simple: if you feel at home, you stay longer. And visitors who stay longer, well… those are the ones we prefer!

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