The secret to a successful trade show participation

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Who better to inspire you in the realm of successful trade show participation than those with firsthand experience? That’s right, no one! And that’s why we asked our own customers what they want to share with you when it comes to trade show participation, lead generation, staff training, and brand profiling. Read and learn from your fellow marketers.

Your brand is the foundation

Always look at the core of your brand and dare to magnify it. Go for color, shape, or ways to stand out, and choose the strongest brand values as the foundation of your booth.

Start with a moodboard

Have you delved into your brand values and know which element should stand out? Then you are ready, steady to conceive an impressive booth. Start, for example, with a moodboard to visualize the atmosphere, perhaps using Pinterest. This will give your booth builder a good understanding of your thoughts.

Embrace emotion

Search for the ‘wow,’ something that goes beyond what the visitor expects. We don’t just think in transactions but also in emotions. Consider what your visitors should feel when they visit your booth. Ultimately, they won’t remember what you told them, but how they felt.

Make your goal concrete

If you want to participate in a conference or trade show, ask yourself, why? Do you want to boost your brand awareness? Enhance your image? Launch a new product? Collect leads? Make your goal concrete, measurable, and tangible. And leave a little room for intuition; it’s allowed.

Make a great first impression

Additionally, your booth must be striking and align with your company’s image and the message you want to convey. Your booth and booth staff are the first things visitors see. Making a first impression can only happen once!

Ensure quality booth staff

Ensure a pleasant and motivated group of booth staff, who are briefed well in advance and genuinely want to make the most of the trade show days. The conversations your staff has should be substantive but not overly deep; visitors can schedule appointments for that. This way, you can engage with more visitors.

Measure and report results

Naturally, you have a certain feeling about your trade show participation. You should certainly consider that feeling, but with hard numbers, you can truly substantiate whether your participation was successful or not.

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Stay informed!

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