Trials and tribulations, or standing out and shine!

by Eldee |

We’ll leave the deliberation and hesitation out of it. A trade show is where you want to be. It’s where you want to be a part of. In fact, it’s where you want to dazzle. Other exhibitors can overshadow you, bolster you, or even look up to you. How do you ensure that your target audience doesn’t silently pass by your booth?

Eldee does everything to make your booth an extraordinary one, making standing out only come with two real risks:

1: A terrible shortage of goodie bags;

2: A shortage of staff to attend to your visitors.

All kidding aside: how do you ensure that you stand out amidst all that marketing noise? First and foremost, you can always contact us so we can provide you with very concrete and tailormade tips that not only make your booth reflect your DNA but also have a magnetic effect on visitors.

Tip 1

An appealing booth is appealing. Very simple. It should be clear why you are there and what your story is. Make your message stand out. Loud and clear, or at least one of those two.

Tip 2

Be approachable. An open attitude from the people in the booth is important. Train them well. Ensure they don’t stand together as a group; that’s off-putting. Make sure they see your visitors. Visitors, just like you, want to stand out; they want to be seen.

Tip 3

An eye-catcher always works well. Whether it’s neon lighting, a signboard, or a rotating screen on top of your booth. At a trade show, standing out is the goal, and a bit of pizzazz is not a luxury.

Tip 4

Stimulate the senses. The smell of coffee. An interactive presentation. A fun quiz. A tasting session. A mini-workshop. Let people see, taste, touch, hear, and smell. That’s always a little something extra. And something extra means standing out.

Tip 5

Call in reinforcements. We’d be happy to brainstorm with you about all the aspects involved in a good trade show preparation. Together, we aim for the best end result.

Curious how we translate your specific wishes into a stand design? Make an appointment.

Stay informed!

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