Customised Excellent customisation. A made-to-measure design, down to the smallest detail.

Our working method

In six steps, Eldee guides you to successfully participating in an exhibition.

Working Method

Customised stand building

Eldee builds stands. That is clear. But a stand is so much more than just four walls and some decorations. An Eldee stand is a well-considered expression of the message that you want visitors, consciously or unconsciously, to remember. Eldee is a consultant, sounding board, designer, the well-intended critic, strategic partner and out-of-the-box thinker. Oh yes and the builder of durable, robust, functional, safe and above all unique stands.

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Pull out all the stops

You want to stand head and shoulders above the rest, figuratively that is, because believe us: ‘size doesn’t matter’. It can help, but it is not essential. It is just that sort of consideration that makes Eldee’s role so extremely important. Before we get out the drawing board and start to examine all of the shapes, colours and tones, we first consider what we want to achieve. That is the absolute basis for your customised stand. Every detail must contribute to the intended impression. From the awnings to the type of coffee beans. From the colour palette to the goody bag. If everything is right, everyone will visit.

54987 Exhibitions worldwide until 2020
141000 visitors per exhibition (average)

The way Eldee Custom works

You are looking for something unique. You do not want to have the same as everyone else. You are looking for the needle in the haystack. The one design that exactly expresses your DNA. We can reassure you: this design exists: it only needs to be devised, designed and built. That is what Eldee does. For you and preferably with you. No worries: we do the building, but we need your input.

  1. A 60-minute kick-off in the Red Room

    You explain, we ask and listen

  2. Creation of a draft 3D design

    We draw and colour

  3. Presentation of the draft 3D design

    You see what we have dreamed up

  4. We process your feedback

    Revisions are made

  5. Delivery of final design

    All of your wishes clearly incorporated

  6. We build the stand

    You do ab-so-lute-ly nothing

Just catch your breath

As soon as we know what you want to achieve, we can start designing and fine tuning. We will then quickly present a 3D design that (we expect) will blow you over. No time to catch your breath, because after you have given the go ahead, we will build the stand and manage all of the communication with the exhibition. You will have: a brilliantly successful exhibition with a stand that more than pays for itself.

Full service

From fine tuning your objective to the freebies in the goody bag

Dedicated contact person

Who relishes being phoned


Always with a twist that surprises everyone


Unique in their sort: stands that match the customers’ needs. Take a look at the endless possibilities. Note: for your organisation as well we start on the drawing board and dream up an unparalleled stand.


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An overview of the exhibitions where Eldee provides a stand.


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