Modular Multiple exhibitions and trade shows? Pack up your modular stand and off to the next event. These stands are built to be easily packed up and transported.

Our working method

In six steps, Eldee guides you to successfully participating in an exhibition.

Working Method

Smart stands that always fit

Your stand at every location you visit. And that is undoubtedly throughout the country. And maybe the world. Your stand may…. correction, must be seen. And if the mountain won’t come to Moses, then … you get the message. Eldee’s modular stands are built to be assembled and disassembled multiple times. They are built to last for years.

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Stand out everywhere

Eldee’s modular stands are made to measure and are very much different from the rest. After all: why be a follower when you can take the lead? The modular stands are built from user-friendly components. They are therefore easy to transport. They are relatively easy to assemble step by step at the exhibition. Afraid that it will be too difficult, or you don’t fancy reading the manual? Eldee will be pleased to help you.

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How we work

Your participation in the exhibition must not go unnoticed. It’s as simple as that. You are there. You have paid to be there, so it must be profitable. If we know your objectives, we can create a design that realises them.

  1. A 60-minute kick-off in the Red Room

    You explain, we ask and listen

  2. Creation of a draft 3D design

    We draw and colour

  3. Presentation of the draft 3D design

    You see what we have dreamed up

  4. We process your feedback

    Revisions are made

  5. Delivery of final design

    All of your wishes clearly incorporated

  6. We build the stand

    You do ab-so-lute-ly nothing

You ask, we create

Your stand must be a show stealer four times a year? No problem. Assemble, stand out, disassemble, transport and reassemble. And if you need something printed between shows? No problem. A different colour wall? Just tell us the colour. Eldee goes further than just building a stand. We advise and manage, so you know for sure that your stand will be a success.


Always with a twist that surprises everyone

Dedicated contact person

Who relishes being phoned

Full service

From fine tuning your objective to the freebies in the goody bag


We can write endless stories about our modular stands. But they speak for themselves. Key words: user friendly, durable and completely different to everything else. Look at Eldee’s modular stands here.


Exhibition Calendar

An overview of the exhibitions where Eldee provides a stand.


At home in all markets? Check

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