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Collecting information from trade fair visitors

Success factors and inspiration

There’s a good chance you want to use your trade fair participation to collect leads: getting to know new people from your target group and saving them in a file. Then you can approach them with appealing promotions and content. What do you need for this? We’d like to inspire you with these tips!


Position in the funnel

You have probably thought about your (potential) clients’ customer journey. Now is the time to bring that into consideration. Determine what part of the customer journey trade fair visitors are in. They are probably somewhere near the beginning, between the awareness and consideration phases. Ask yourself how you can trigger your target group in this phase. What questions and needs do they have? And which of these questions can you give an answer to?

Effective action

If you know the questions your target group has, you also know what you can offer them in exchange for their data. People don’t just leave their data behind for nothing, so your offer needs to have real added value.

Here are a few ideas:


Questions are easily answered in text (a whitepaper or e-book, for example), an infographic or (animated) video. Provide high quality content.


Game elements can be a fun change of pace at a trade fair. Find a game that fits with your target group’s experiences. “Would you like a chance to win a prize? Just provide your information.”


Another interactive element can be a test or quiz. “Test your knowledge about…” can be a very effective trigger for specialists in a certain field. Of course to get the results, they have to give their information.


“Throw you business card in the pot for a chance to win a MacBook.” It works as long as the prize is worth it.


What gadget would your target audience like to have?
All they have to do is leave their information. A good discount can also work here. They immediately get to know your product or service and actually already make a purchase!


For a workshop, lecture or webinar. Of course, on a subject that the target audience wants to know everything about.

Stand out!

When you have thought out a fantastic promotional campaign, of course it needs to be noticed by your target group. Use one of the walls in your stand to express your campaign and then share it on social media. If the lead generation is well thought out, it can even become a crowd-pleaser.
Tip: let your stand builder think along with you. Eldee will always come up with great ideas to help you make your campaign get noticed.

The actual data gathering

Make it easy for your visitors to leave their details. For instance, by just having to leave their business card at your stand. Or have them enter their details onto a tablet. Make sure to only collect the necessary information, to avoid a long list with required fields to fill out. Needless to say: make sure your form is GDPR-safe. In other words: describe specifically how the collected data will be used.

Don’t forget the follow-up

It starts with a “thank you” page – in case you gathered the data digitally. A thank you note via email or a follow-up mail is also recommended. With every follow-up action, you will lead your prospect further in your sales-funnel. The more specific the follow-up – by means of segmentation, the better.

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