Trade Show: IBA    


Green & Innovative: For KOMA, we designed an exhibition stand with an unmistakable 'wow' effect. The goal was to communicate KOMA's message, emphasizing their transition to natural refrigerants and the introduction of the GreenBox, a future-proof CO2 unit.



Surface Area

161 sqm



Impressive Presence

With a height of five meters, the KOMA stand had an impressive presence on the exhibition floor. The tall pillars, serving as impressive focal points, were not only functional but also artistically integrated with KOMA's distinctive logo. To complete the look, a hanging green triangle floated prominently above the stand.

The stand design combined a sleek and modern appearance with natural elements, resulting in a fusion of style and sustainability. The elements used not only exuded professionalism but also underscored KOMA's environmentally conscious character.

At the heart of the stand was a fully equipped welcome area, emphasizing not only the functionality of KOMA's products but also inviting visitors to enjoy hospitality. Fresh coffee was available to offer visitors a moment of relaxation.

Strategically placed touchscreens played engaging presentations on the transition to natural refrigerants and the innovative GreenBox.

This project not only successfully communicated KOMA's message but also left a lasting impression on IBA's visitors.

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