Trade Show: The Smarter E / Exhibition Energie   

Big Ass Battery

Step into the world of impact and efficiency with this powerful trade show booth on a modest footprint. Small space, big statement, just like what this client stands for – with a Big Ass Battery, you're rapidly supplied with potent 'green' energy wherever you go.


Munich / 's-Hertogenbosch

Surface Area

20 sqm



Small Booth, Significant Impact

The booth is designed to stand out amidst the hustle and bustle, turn heads, and spark conversations. With thoughtful design and clever layout, our designer has made the most of every square meter. Every component is carefully chosen to convey a powerful message and leave a lasting impression. From striking visuals to interactive elements, every detail contributes to the impact of our booth.

Using our client's inspiring mood board as a compass, we've created a booth that strikes the perfect balance between luxury and innovation. The design exudes pride and captures the imagination with its bold and modern aesthetic.

We asked our client for feedback:

"The most fantastic booth at the fair. We literally stood out! People stopped for photos and a chat. This was amazing. Good quality and handling."

Be inspired!

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