Trade Show: Indumation   


ABB is a technology leader in the field of electrification and automation, committed to a more sustainable and efficient future. ABB is represented at dozens of trade shows annually in the Netherlands and Belgium. This time, they showcased themselves at Indumation, the fastest-growing Benelux trade fair with a European offering of technological players specializing in automation, digitalization, optimization, and innovation in industry and infrastructure.



Surface Area

150 sqm



Optimal Product Presentation

With varying target audiences and a wide range of products, it is crucial to maintain consistency in the appearance of ABB's trade show booths to ensure recognition at exhibitions. It's important to consistently deploy elements such as colors, logos, and graphics in every booth design to maintain a recognizable brand identity.

At the ABB booth during Indumation, various business units were presented. Different demo areas provided visitors with a precise insight into ABB's expertise in electrification and automation. The products took center stage and were prominently displayed, with some placed in a glass aquarium for safety, which also provided additional visual impact.

The booth featured a cinema area where visitors could enjoy presentations and films about ABB's innovative solutions and future-oriented vision. A meeting area was created where visitors could gather, network, and exchange information at the information desk and seating area.

Overall, ABB's booth at Indumation represented innovation and finesse, presenting technological expertise and future-oriented vision in a business-like and targeted manner.

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