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Lasting longer. Better for the environment. Considering the future. Sustainability is a broad term that is often thrown around haphazardly. It’s not always easy to grasp precisely what it means. It’s much simpler to define what it entails for an individual or a company. Sustainability is essentially tailor-made. The most important thing is that it’s no longer just a trend. Companies are actively engaged in it, and we at Eldee are certainly no exception. How? Read on!

Sustainable booths are not a thing of the future. On the contrary, there is a growing demand for sustainability, which is why we offer circular stands. This concept arises from a new way of thinking. Circular design envisions a world without waste. In a circular economy, we ensure that raw materials, components, and products retain their value

Hot & Happening

Although the term “sustainability” has been in use for some time, it remains hot and happening. It can no longer be called a trend. It has truly become a part of our DNA. Sustainability is no longer a luxury; it’s gradually becoming a hygiene factor. Incorporating sustainability is not something you can just squeeze into your agenda. It is an integral part, in fact, a determining factor in how we work and the materials we use.

An unusual combination

To be fair, when thinking about traditional booth construction, most people do not immediately associate it with sustainability, especially when the focus is on customized design booths. However, the opposite is true: a booth can be sustainable while still being entirely unique and exceptionally spectacular. Do you want sustainability? Do you have a suitable budget? And do you want it all? To quote a visionary from the last decade: “Yes, we can!” We design and create precisely that booth, which is almost entirely made from natural and recycled materials. Also, don’t forget that we frequently use modular systems, making a booth usable for several years. Our color palette is endless, but we aim to lead in green! We are genuinely good at it and always working on it. The world should know!

Plastic, plastic, foil, graffiti… wood!?

Make no mistake: sustainability is anything but a limitation. It actually inspires us to work with materials that are not necessarily obvious choices. Bamboo is exceptionally ecologically responsible. Bamboo can be harvested and processed in just 3 to 5 years. Other types of wood take 50 to 120 years to recover after harvesting. Or how about European wood? This doesn’t need to travel long distances. Simple math: less transport, less environmental impact. We jokingly call Eldee “LEDee” at times; LED lighting is the most sustainable lighting of our time. And that’s where we have endless possibilities. In addition to consuming less energy, LED lights also have a longer lifespan, and… the possibilities are boundless! Last but not least: cardboard and paper, often used in details, such as a replacement for plastic coffee cups. Smart, isn’t it?

Go sustainable

Sustainability, with an emphasis on lasting, right? No, not necessarily. Perhaps slightly higherpriced at the outset, that’s possible. But consider that sustainability lasts longer. Most sustainable booths are predominantly made of wood, and these components are almost always reusable. You can certainly gain financial benefits from that. Sustainable products also don’t necessarily have to be purchased; we are happy to rent them. Then we get them back, and we can reuse them as needed.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability are crucial focal points in Eldee Expo Experts’ business operations. Every effort is made to consider the impact our company has on people, the environment, and society. Would you like to read more about this? Click here.

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