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Do not forget when you are at an exhibition

You have registered for the exhibition. That’s done. But what is next? Help! What does it entail exactly and what should certainly not be forgotten. Eldee Expo Experts summarises it clearly.


1. Keep your objectives clear.
Generate leads. Introduce a product. Get in contact (again) with business relations. Whatever your objective is, make sure that it is clear and that you work to achieve it. This can mean that you will pay more attention to certain visitors than to others. Or that you focus on acquiring the most possible data.

2. Ensure that you are or that you act just a little bit differently.
Turn your stand into an eye catcher. Movement, smell, sound, lighting effects, a humorous twist … or a great give-away. All provide opportunities to be a little different and stand out.

3. Appoint an exhibition manager
It is good to have someone who bears final responsibility. This person will manage the personnel on the stand and is always available to answer challenging questions and to resolve unforeseen incidents.

4. Senior stand builder
Do not run the risk with a stand builder who, due to a lack of a sound portfolio, promises things he cannot realise. Eldee Expo Experts wants to help you from A to Z. And with helping we mean relieving you of all concerns. So no risks either.

5. Joint kick-off
Gather the entire team together before the exhibition and talk everything through. What is the plan of approach? Do not leave too much to chance, but don’t forget that spontaneity is a great asset.

Below is a full checklist. See what applies to your stand.

  • Exhibition location reserved?
  • Do you have a clear understanding of your objective?
  • Do you have information to hand out? How do you want to do this? (Brochure, card …)
  • Do you want to organise a competition? Prepare this well.
  • Goody bag or give-away?
  • Do you have a clear briefing for the personnel on the stand?
  • Will you give a lecture or a workshop, have you prepared everything well?
  • Have you thought about a trigger? (Sound, image, etc.)
  • Do you have sufficient personnel available?
  • Do your people need coaching or training?
  • Have you purchased clothing or recognisable badges or caps?
  • Will someone take photos? What is their objective?
  • How do you generate leads, via a tablet, on paper or otherwise?
  • Do you use social media? What do you want to achieve?

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