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Seven tips to make your stand attract the public.

The most important tip that we can give you if you take part in an exhibition is: choose the hotspot! But how to find it? Here are a few things to consider that can make the difference between attracting a couple of visitors or drawing a crowd and creating a great atmosphere.



Keep track of the exhibition’s agenda. Very simple: the earlier you register for an exhibition, the more stand places will be available.

Handy: bear in mind that one place might be suitable for a round stand, the other for a straight stand and the third for a corner stand. Eldee will be pleased to help you make the right choice.

Walking route

Study the route pedestrians take around the exhibition as if you were studying for your finals. If all roads lead to Rome, ensure that you form the vital link in the route to the Colosseum.

Smart: get a copy of the floorplan of the exhibition. And as quickly as possible.

Smoked sausage

Don’t you mind the smell of smoked sausage or french fries? Then a place near to a catering outlet could be a very good one. It is busy and the people always hang around for a while.

Fun: hand out napkins printed with your logo. It gets you into contact and a clever quip can bring a smile to the visitor’s face.

Enjoyable: a free drink to go with the food. Offer a cup of coffee or a bottle of mineral water?


Find out where the competition is. Agreed: always count on your own strength, even so, it can sometimes help to respond to what the competition has on offer, but do it in a more surprising way.

Tip: you know what your competitors promise and hand out. Ask Eldee how we can help you to outclass them.


Lectures and workshops are also frequently held at an exhibition. Also an ideal neighbour. Think about all of the people who congregate a quarter of an hour before the lecture or workshop starts immediately in front of your stand.

Tip: ensure that you know what the lecture is about, if possible, attend the first one so that you have a handy subject to start a conversation.


At many exhibitions, additional attractions are located next to stands. These are eye catchers that are booked by the organisation to give the exhibition something extra. If your stand is close to such an attraction, you can benefit from the hustle and bustle.

Tip: ask the organisation whether and what attractions there are and just as important, where they are located.

Breathing space

Every square meter of floor space at an exhibition is costly. We don’t have to tell you that. Even so, there are always a few places that offer more space, for instance, at a location where the walking route splits or because the paths widen. At these places there is less distraction and more focus on your stand.

Nice: the visitors are often somewhat overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle, turn your stand into an oasis of quiet, let them sit down and offer them something to drink.

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